Pezzner 8-10-10

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PezznerIt’s fairly safe to say the Seattle based producer Dave Pezzner has injected a breath of fresh air into dance music since he released his debut EP on Freerange in 2008. US label OM quickly showed an interest in his original material, as did a whole load of other labels wanting the Pezzner touch on remixes including Shaboom, Ghostly International, Neurotrax and Room With A View. Now it seems to be the right time for him to release his debut album on Freerange.

‘The Tracks Are Alive’ is announced as the kind of leftfield, organic sounding house which is at once club orientated but with enough interest and depth to keep the home listener absorbed. Pezzner has a very unique sound and isn’t afraid to push things in a fairly abstract direction sonically, which would mean on the album you can expect everything from intricate house up to blissed out electronica.

  1. #1 by Alta Manera on December 18, 2010 - 1:35 am

    DOPE!!!! Straight DOPE!!!!! The Wife and I can’t stop freakin, and groovin’…..

    Thank you Pezzner for keepin’ it legit brotha……

    Northern California says HELLO and Blessings during the Holidays..

  2. #2 by Jordan on December 22, 2010 - 1:13 pm

    Wow! What an awesome set!

  3. #3 by quack on January 6, 2011 - 5:53 pm

    nope. don’t play this jam while workin. it’s way to dope.

  4. #4 by Benjamin on January 10, 2011 - 6:02 am

    awesome, where can i hear that guy live?

  5. #5 by James on December 17, 2011 - 2:12 pm

    The first time I heard this song it was awesome! I would like to see this DJ live as well.

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