Mark Farina Live At Focus 1-14-14

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Mark FarinaAsk anybody about Mark Farina and I guarantee all you’ll hear is great things about him. This dude is a legend, and the crowd at Focus just goes crazy for him each time he’s slotted in for the closing set. His style of mixing is always funky, groovy, and his tracks have a way of keeping the dance floor on their toes begging for more. He’s one of those humble DJs that are always down to take a photo with a fan, shake some hands, and even chat for a few minutes after the show. There’s a reason why Farina always plays for a full house…he does it for the love house music and the love of his fans. Be sure to check out the tag team set by Jazzwell & Faicol, as well as the opening set by [Studiophile].

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