Wobs, Nonfiction, and Josh Billings Live At Focus 3-3-15

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Focus DJ'sThis was the last time that all three of the residents played together at Focus, and it was even more fitting because it was a night where all three DJ’s played their favorite tracks from the 11+ years of DJing at Focus. Download this mix to get a peek at the past, the present, and the future of the Focus DJ’s.

Connect w/ the Focus DJ’s:

Josh Billings Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/djjoshbillings
Josh Billigns Soundcloudhttp://www.soundcloud.com/joshbillings
Wobs Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/djwobs
Wobs Soundcloudhttp://www.soundcloud.com/wobs
Nonfiction Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/djnonfiction
Nonfiction Soundlcoudhttp://www.soundcloud.com/djnonfiction

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